Mind the sharp edges…

Readify Labs is where we share some of the technology that we live and breathe at Readify. The projects you find here will range from early-stage prototypes, to tools that we use internally every day. Not everything is fully polished, but who in technology doesn't like experimenting at the bleeding edge?

If you like working on projects like these, try knocking on our door.

Azure EA Insights web app


We wanted better insight into our own Azure EA usage, in ways that the portal didn't readily offer. This tool helps us manage credit and usage trends across a complex array of accounts and subscriptions, so that we can give our teams autonomy around their infrastructure, but still keep the financials in check.

AzureSqlPerformance tool


A small PowerShell module which allows you to easily time how long it takes to import a given .bacpac file into an Azure SQL Database.

GitViz tool


Among all things we do at Readify to help people build better software, we teach a lot of teams about Git.

For newbies, the concept of commit graphs, references, branches and merges can be a bit hard to visualize. Instead of trying to do all this on slides, or in sync on a whiteboard, we wanted to be able to run real commands and see a presentation quality diagram in real-time. This tool does that.

We also intelligently render unreachable commits to help people understand hard resets and rebases.

httpstat.us web service


A super simple service for generating different HTTP codes. It's useful for testing how your own scripts deal with varying responses. Just add the status code you want to the URL, like this: httpstat.us/200.

Neo4jClient library


The most popular .NET client for neo4j. Supports basic CRUD operations, Cypher and Gremlin queries via fluent interfaces, and some indexing operations. Has historically seen a lot of active development and is used in numerous production deployments, but activity has tailed off a bit.

Octopus.Tfs build extension


Octopus.Tfs is used for packaging projects and creating releases when using Team Foundation Build service. This ties OctopusTools and OctoPack together into a nice package to allow you to automate the process of creating releases in Octopus Deploy without modifying the build process template.

NET PCL for PTV API library


Enough acronyms? Ptv is a Portable Class Library which provides .NET-based wrapper around the Public Transport Victoria APIs that have been published at http://data.vic.gov.au.

Readify TV content


Readify TV is a place to collect videos by Readifarians. We don't actively produce content for this site as a company, however Readify people pop up at so many conferences and events that we end up with quite a bit anyway. This site provides an index to it all. Some are just from internal barcamps and the like, so they're not all the best quality, but they're content we think is still worth sharing.

We also use this site internally to share ideas, internal presentations and training.

TeamFlash tool


A build light driver for TeamCity and a Delcom 904003 USB light. Runs on Windows as a console app, or on a Raspberry Pi.